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Our Time Management Styles™ workshops are tailored for large and small businesses, not-for-profit groups—or conference organisers looking for a different approach to increasing productivity with less stress.

If you are a business owner or manager serious about understanding effective ways of bringing about sustained improvement in team performance and productivity we have the right programs for you.

You can choose from a number of workshops with outcomes focused on improving individual productivity to helping managers to get the most out of their teams.  Popular workshops include:

Using Your Team’s Personality Traits to Drive Business Further 

Teams can work more effectively and happily together when they understand each individual’s approach to the critical factor: time. When members understand their own and each other’s Time Management Styles, they start working in formation. Just as birds flying in formation can achieve up to 70% greater distance and with lower heart rates, so teams working in sync can achieve more.

This session introduces a breakthrough approach to get the best out of you and your team, and consequently your business.  Jayne and Val will reveal a unique way for you to tap into your personality traits and habits, allowing you to work smarter not harder.

Learning outcomes:

  • understand your strengths and how to use them to improve your productivity
  • identify ‘time demons’ that sabotage your success
  • gain insight into the impacts of each team member’s personality on their productivity
  • discover how to increase your team’s effectiveness and productivity
  • understand a simpler way of selecting the right staff
  • learn practical strategies to address issues  from handling interruptions, not delegating, avoiding information overload and ensuring you have time for what is important in your life.

Time management is so critical for teams because it’s all about delivery by individual members to the group effort in a timely fashion. Knowing each other’s Style provides members the keys to drawing the best out of each person.



Sustainable Time Management and Delegation Techniques

On completion of this program, participants will have insights, tools and strategies to improve their productivity and make better decisions regarding the use of their time.  Participants will gain a fuller understanding of the impact of their own personality and habits on their time management and productivity.

Each participant will complete their own Time Management Style Profile. Time Style profiling is a breakthrough approach that provides powerful self-knowledge and strategies fundamental to them making sustainable changes at work and personally. This process will leave participants better equipped to deal with change either in their role, the team or business environment.

For managers and team leaders, a greater understanding of their own and their direct reports’ Time Management Styles will allow them to be most effective when delegating.

Learning outcomes:

  • understand your Time Management Style strengths and challenges and how to work with them to improve your productivity
  • identify ‘time thieves’ (including email, paperwork, interruptions) that sabotage your success
  • learn practical strategies you can start tomorrow to save time and improve productivity
  • discover how to increase team effectiveness
  • learn effective delegation strategies that recognise different Time Management Styles.

Business units can adapt the priority of the components to best suit their situation. 



Sustainable Leadership & Organisational Skills for New Managers & Supervisors

 At the completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge and strategies to help ensure they succeed in their new roles as supervisors or managers. This is both in terms of the impact of their own actions on productivity and how they interact with their direct reports.

The course is delivered over two sessions for maximum results. From the first session participants will understand their own organisational and Time Management Styles, how to use that knowledge to improve their productivity and performance and deal with change.  They will discover their strengths and challenges regarding their time and self-management to help ensure they are using their strengths most effectively in their new role.

In session two, participate will learn how to use the knowledge of Time Management Styles to better equip themselves in managing or supervising teams. As with learning styles, understanding of Time Styles gives managers and supervisors critical insight into how team members organise themselves, where they struggle and how best to leverage their strengths so they reach their potential. This session also addresses delegation for success with both parties in mind.

Learning outcomes:

  • understand your organisational and Time Management Style
  • understand your Time  Style strengths and challenges and how to work with them to improve your productivity in your new role
  • learn how to use your Time Style to thrive in your new role and a changing environment
  • identify the key strategies for the different Time Styles to foster team members’  growth
  • understand how best to support individual team members in changing and sustaining their habits
  • learn how to delegate for success—with both parties in mind.



Maximise Performance & Productivity With Strategies that are the Right Fit for You & Your Team

There are a number of key areas that impact a team’s productivity and stress levels. We provide practical and relevant solutions across a range of topics including:

  • Planning and Prioritising
  • Handling Email and Paper
  • Managing Interruptions, Distractions and Bright Shiny Objects
  • Delegation

But we don’t take the standard approach where participants are expected to leave our time management training with the same strategies and techniques.  We recognise that everyone has their own distinct Time Management Style or combination of Styles.  If a tool or approach isn’t right for their Style, they won’t use it regardless of how excellent it is.

Each participant will find out the strategies to manage time in a way that is intrinsically right for them. They will also discover the ‘why’ behind the strategies or tools—which is essential to keep them motivated in changing habits. With this absolute clarity they will be better able to achieve their goals— professionally and personally.



It made sense! The idea that there are different styles of time management just as there are different styles of people. This the first time management course that made sense and will be effective for me.

Kim S – Accountant – Gold Coast

It was informative and humorous…It gave me permission to make choices and to reflect on how I utilise my time.  I thought it was perfect! You will find the freedom through information to reclaim inner peace and happiness through time management.  I truly loved it. It was fabulous!!!

Von Barnes Consultancy – Sinnamon Park


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