What are Time Management Styles™?

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Keynote speakers – Seminar presenters – Workshop facilitators

Our breakthrough Time Management Styles™  deliver powerful shifts in mindset, transform thinking and give your whole organisation or audience the right steps to achieve sustained improvements in their productivity and performance in business and personally.

  • Engaging, practical, no-fluff workshops and presentations customised to meet your needs
  • Sessions to help managers or business owners with their own time or managing staff
  • Team sessions for project workers or teams who work together
  • Pink Shoe Power Time Management Style sessions for women’s retreats, with lots of learning, laughter and personal growth

It makes so much sense!

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Note to Conference Organisers: How do businesses enable their workers to become more productive with less stress? This is a key workshop we run.

Why Their Approach is a MUST for Your Audience or Business

  • Engaging, practical and results-focused
  • Introduce you to the key to maximising time personally and professionally–Time Management Styles
  • Recognise one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to time management
  • Provide powerful insights into the strengths and challenges of your Time Management Styles
  • Deliver strategies to manage time in ways that are intrinsically right for you

You will discover how to use the power of your Time Management Style to lift your performance. You will learn the best-fit way for you to use time management strategies to reach your targets and goals faster.

About Valerie & Jayne

Drawing from extensive research, practical experience and proven success strategies, Valerie and Jayne deliver immense value every time.

Valerie McDougall and Jayne Jennings are motivational speakers, writers, coaches and work life balance champions creating profound shifts in mindset and behaviour around time management.  They have decades of business experience in both the corporate and small business spheres.  They are entrepreneurs with skills in strategic communications and interpersonal skills.

Valerie started her business life as a finance journalist and has a wide range of business experience from running her own businesses (Australian and international) to working as Executive Communications Manager for C-suite execs in a NYSE-listed corporation in the US.

She holds an MEI (Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation) and took out the 1994 Award for Excellence when completing that degree.  She has used her business background and coaching abilities to help position business men and women for success—and even to showcase Australia in Washington, DC.

Jayne’s depth of business experience covers Australia and New Zealand. She was responsible for delivering strategic advice to senior civil servants and Government Ministers, and project managing significant tourism projects, in both countries. She too has run businesses prior to her current one.

She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Post Graduate Diploma in Resource Management and a Bachelor of Planning.

Jayne & Valerie joined forces a few years ago to make a difference to the lives of men and women by focusing on smarter approaches to Work Life Balance, Time Management, Communications, and team work that works!

They believe people often have wonderful skills in their core business area but are not taught how to bring the pieces together so their whole of life works. And that’s what they now deliver.

Let Valerie & Jayne Deliver Powerful Change To Your Audience

Some of the recent Workshops run by Valerie and Jayne:

  • Using Your Team’s Personality Traits (and Your Own) to Drive Your Business Further
  • Time Management – Which Shoe Fits You? Introducing Time Management Styles for Men and Women
  • Your Key to Success in Business:  Getting the Most Out of Your Time with Strategies that are the Right Fit for You & Your Team

Contact us to check Valerie and Jayne’s availability for your function or event, and their fee schedule for your location.


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