What are Time Management Styles™?

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Coaching Consultancy

We offer individual and small-group coaching programs particularly useful for business owners, managers, project leaders, people returning to work and those wanting to take their careers to the next level.

The real pay-off is that by working with your Time Management Style™  it’s not just about work. You can achieve more in all aspects of your life with less stress.

  • Be guided to attain your goals
  • Held accountable so you achieve your goals faster
  • Benefit from a fresh perspective on how you manage your life
  • Be propelled forward towards your goals far quicker than you imagined possible

Programs 1 & 2: Help you to accomplish your business and personal goals faster

Program 3: Helps improve your leadership skills and increase your team’s productivity

Through their powerful one-to-one and small-group coaching programs, Valerie and Jayne bring about profound shifts in mindset and behaviour around time management and provide you with absolute clarity on how to achieve and sustain increased productivity, with less stress.

It’s not about adding more to your busy day… it’s about doing things differently

We work with a select group of clients who have one thing in common: They are committed to their success.  This is vital if you want to achieve significant results.

If you’re serious about making lasting changes in your life and achieving your goals faster than you imagined, here are some options for you:

1. Your Time Management Style Unpacked for Success

This is a 1 hour in-depth profiling session with Valerie and Jayne.

increase productivity with time management style profilingWhat you will get out of this session:

  • Discover your Time Management Style and how it impacts your success
  • Get clarity about what the strengths and challenges of your Style mean for you
  • Identify the next steps you need to take so you’re heading in the right direction towards your goals
  • Understand how to avoid wasting time and money on the wrong strategies
  • Learn quick and easy tips you can start using immediately to make a difference in your life
  • Receive the benefits of our wisdom, experience, research and expertise focused on YOU

2. The ‘100 Days to Change’ Challenge‘. Get Set to Achieve Your Goals [1]

If you feel you are not living life your way—or achieving the business results you want—because of poor time management skills, why not take this Challenge? We’ll be there to help you reach your goals.

Over the 100 days you will:Time management strategies for success

  • Discover where to focus your time and energy for best results
  • Understand the impact of your Time Management Style on your productivity
  • Enhance the strengths of your Style to get the most out of your time
  • Learn techniques to avoid sabotaging your time and your opportunities for success
  • Change habits and put in place powerful new success behaviours
  • Create more time to spend on what’s important to you – in business and your personal life
  • Receive tips to improve your productivity and sense of well being
  • Discover how to redesign your week for long-term benefits in work and personally
  • Be guided and supported every step of the way

Devote a little of your time each week and reap rewards in all areas of your life.
Time Management Style coaching is the accelerated way of achieving your goals with less stress.

We ask for a minimum commitment of 100-days in order to get results.

We deliver this in a way (and budget) to suit you, with combinations of phone coaching and email coaching.

[1]We tailor your sessions to meet the outcomes you want to see in your life.

3. Manage & Work with Others [2]

managing people for increased productivityThis is ideal for new managers and new employers in particular—or those wanting a fresh approach to their general management style.

Out of this session you will:

  • Understand your own Time Style and the implications for how you manage and work with others
  • Discover ways to powerfully transform your team’s workability using their strengths to maximise their time
  • Understand how to minimise the challenges that sabotage their time
  • Learn practical strategies to address key time problems from handling interruptions, not delegating and avoiding information overload

It involves 4 live (50 minute) calls a month. Each week you’ll have homework to do and report on, plus you’ll no doubt have questions or issues that arise from your experience that week—and we deal with these. Then we guide your focus for the following week.

If you have an existing team in place, ask about our optional extra workshop session so they learn about their Time Styles, which makes your role so much easier, too! They will discover how to improve communication within the team and overall team performance through an awareness of each other’s Time Management Styles.

A minimum of a 3-month commitment in order to get results.

[2] See our Workshop information as we also offer a one-time group session.

What Next?

Many clients work with us beyond the initial 3 months because they want to continually raise the bar with their achievements. They value the accountability, fresh ideas and support team we provide them. Some have changed direction after realising the opportunities offered by really working with their Time Management Style strengths. We offer customised solutions to your time management to provide the level of ongoing support needed.

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