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Here is a selection of our key resources to support you and your team in ramping up your productivity and performance at work. Take advantage of these… because your time (and the results you create with it) matters.


Time Management Style Profiler Pack SPECIAL $97

The Profiler Pack includes access to the Time Management Style Profiler test. This zeroes in on the habits that can stop you or slow you down in achieving the results you want. It also highlights traits that when used, allow you to be in a state of flow, reaching your targets and goals so much faster.   The Pack includes:

  • a personalized Report explaining your Time Style result and how to use this knowledge to boost your productivity
  • a copy of the ebook for your Style
  • access to our Knowledge Bank of practical resources.

Manager’s Insight Report (with Time Management Style Profiler Pack) $304

The Manager’s Insight Report is aimed at aiding managers and human resources personnel to unlock productivity potential in their teams. By recognising the potential in your people, and the drivers best suited to assist them succeed, you can better manage how to achieve their—and your—KPIs.

The Profiler Report and Manager’s Insight Report includes Profiler test access and a personalized Report, plus a Manager’s Insight Report which includes:

  • a summary of the Profile takers Time Management Style result-their strengths and challenges and strategies for the manager to help them be most productive
  • a 60 minute one-one-one action session for managers to ensure they are clear on how best to use the results and the next steps with their staff member.

Your Time Management Style (ebook) $19.95

How do you work better with other people, in business or your personal life?
One way is to understand their Time Management Style. There are 5 main Time Styles. Each Time Style ebook expands on the strengths and challenges of that Style and key strategies to working better.

  • Focused Fiona and Focused Frank in a Shoebox.
  • Juggling Julie and Juggling James in a Shoebox.
  • Helpful Helen and Helpful Harry in a Shoebox.
  • Last Minute Lucy and Last Minute Larry in a Shoebox.
  • Driven Diana and Driven Daniel in a Shoebox.

Value Pack. All 5 Time Style Ebooks $49.95

Pink Shoe Power. What your Time Management Style means for your success in business and life (printed book) $37 (incl. p/h)

A must read for all women!

Pink Shoe Power reveals why so many of us are stressed as we struggle to get all we want done. It explains why one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to managing time and outlines each of the Time Management Styles for working women, their strengths, challenges and the strategies and the tools that are the best fit for each Style.
Plus, it includes some powerful tips for avoiding common time thieves.


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