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Some of the organisations that have benefitted from our services

What people are saying about Time Management Styles

When you understand and work with your Time Management Styles™ the benefits can improve your life—and that of those around you.

Here are just a few of the reactions we’ve had to Time Management Styles.

For some people, it’s a real ‘aha’ moment:

‘It made sense! I liked the idea that there are different styles of time management just as there are different styles of people. This is the first time management course that made sense and will be effective for me!’ KS, Accountant, Gold Coast, at Business Women Inc. Workshop

‘Must attend to get a NEW view of the system you think you are trapped in.’ Stephen T. Kovacs, Kovacs Property Group, Brisbane

They ‘get’ the benefits of such insights into themselves and having strategies tailored for them.

Worthwhile—it gets people thinking about how they can control their time and not just to focus on ‘I don’t have time’. Anthony McKee, Bank Manager,  Westpac, Wynnum

Simple and effective. Can provide meaningful insights into ‘self’ for significant benefit.’ Doug Bannister, Key Business Network

Well worth finding out what Style you are so you can take advantage of the pros and work on the cons.’ Phil Lane, Branch Manager, Suncorp, Cleveland

For others, there’s a real sense of the value of being able to work with their own strengths to be better with their time.

‘Made me think about how I can change things in my life/work to make it work better for me. Also made me think about other people’s styles.’  Haley Gilbert, Brisbane

‘It’s OK to be my style—I just have to manage it.’
Joshua Browne

Doing the Profiler in particular gives most people an insight into themselves that makes it easier for them to focus on their strengths….

I love it… I tell you, this is me to a T!’ Charmaine Simpson, Virtual Personal Assistant, Virtually Possible, Brisbane

‘… it not only assisted me to determine my working style but most importantly, to realise and then accept the positive and negative aspects of this style of working. 

‘If I had not found out my Time Style and enrolled in the course and coaching I would never have had the opportunity to truly understand this important aspect of my character and how it affects the way I live my life.I have spent my life leaving everything until the last minute and being constantly stressed because of this. I now understand and am able to work with the fact that this is a choice I make and I can choose also not to leave everything to the last minute.  I have tools available now to ensure this will not happen if I choose to use them.

‘I definitely now feel I make many more conscious choices about the way I work and the way my working life will be.’ Sue Allan, Physiotherapist, Townsville

…or work with other people whether employees or colleagues:

‘Your Profiler is such a powerful tool for employers to embrace (forgive me for telling you something you already know).

‘Thank you once again, for introducing me to this powerful tool.  I believe the Profiler will form an integral part of our Business Strategies for continued expansion; it will enhance our ability to place the “right people in the right roles for the right reasons”.  That is a vision for our future that I am very excited about!’ Liz Irvine, The Pool Planner, Brisbane

Here’s some specific feedback on the Workshops:

‘Great information, very practical. Everyone needs to hear this – and act on it.’ Rod Nicholls, Jericho Web Services

‘Very accessible / understandable information presented. Very helpful, worthwhile, clear, good balance.’ Violet Ross, Brisbane

‘Presenters—great. Plus important tips for business & personal life.’ Teneille Semple, Brisbane

‘It was informative and humourous. It gave me permission to make choices and to reflect on how I utilise my time.’ Von Barnes, Von Barnes Consultancy, Queensland

For those who want to accelerate the results in all areas of their life through Coaching, the improvement can be quick:

I love your style and can identify with everything you say. Your gentle yet firm coaching style has been exactly what I needed. A big thank you.

‘I know that there is still so much I need to tackle but I can see the path ahead a little bit clearer. That does not mean that it is the be-all and end-all path; things might change overnight and my path will take on a new direction—it has happened before.

‘But with all lessons learnt so far I feel better equipped to handle these challenges without stressing out too much. The saying “No pain–No gain” comes to mind; in my case I would say “No pain – No success” (all in a positive way though)!’ Kerstin Rheinlander, International Travel Specialist, MTA Travel, and mother of two, Brisbane

‘I am a recent return-to-work Mum who was struggling with the prospect of how to manage all the competing priorities of wife, mother and business owner. I continually felt overwhelmed by all that needed to be done in each of these roles. …

‘They walked me through how my Time Management Style was affecting my day and offered practical and real tried and tested solutions ….

‘I felt empowered after my session and feel confident that the solutions and encouragement they gave me will see me quickly achieving well in all aspects of life.

‘By knowing my Time Style, and having the book as a guide, I feel I have a route to follow now.’ Julianne Davies, who runs her own NuSkin business plus works part time in two family businesses as well as being mother of a 2-year-old! Wynnum

Pink Shoe Power time management styles book for women

Pink Shoe Power introduces Time Management Styles for women

Here’s someone who completed the Profiler and read Pink Shoe Power, the book specifically aimed at helping women understand what their Time Management Style means for their success in business and life:

‘I did the Profiler and I was Focussed Fiona (which is good considering what I do for a living I suppose!)

‘Now that I have read the Focussed Fiona part of the Pink Shoe Power book it hit so many nails on the head. I am way too detail focussed, I am a perfectionist, I am very organised (well duh!) plus I hate to delegate. I know this is my biggest hurdle—having big picture goals and having others assist to get me there. But you have given me some great tools to overcome this which I now need to put into practice.

‘I think this book is a great resource and is definitely a must for anyone with time management issues (or those of us helping others in this area). Even those of us who think we pretty much have it under control like me…’ Kerri Rodley, Domestic Downsizing. She’s a Professional Organiser,  Interior Stylist and Feng Shui Consultant




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